Tattoo Rain

Preserve Your Ink

Hydration & Sun Protection For The Life of Your Tattoo

Finally a brand offering premium, and highly effective skincare to the tattooed clientele.

– Tattooed Lifestyle


Fragrance & Dye Free Body Lotion

Nothing fades a tattoo faster than dehydrated skin. Tattoo Rain Body Lotion is packed with Grade-A moisturizers designed to nourish your skin on a daily basis. Vegan Friendly.


Medical Grade Sunscreen

Your tattoo hates the sun. UV rays will destroy it. So you need to know, not all sunscreens are created equal. Most stop the burn and nothing more. Tattoo Rain Sunscreen stops the burn, prevents skin damage, and moisturizes all in one application by physically blocking both UVA & UVB rays from penetrating your skin. Vegan Friendly.


Replenish Oil

Sometimes we don't treat our tattoos very nice. Tattoo Rain Replenish Oil is designed to pamper distressed ink by providing deep penetration of moisture into the skin. Restoring color and bringing aged tattoos back from the dead. Vegan Friendly.



Shark Tooth Tattoo Studio & Gallery
A must if you care about how your tattoo will look over time.

– Travis, @SharkTooth_Tattoo

This stuff is packed with Grade-A ingredients! Highly effective at keeping ink looking great!

– Jonny, Happy Customer Austin TX

Giving Back to Move Forward

Profits from all sales of Tattoo Rain Products are used to support individually owned Tattoo Studios around the country. We advocate for freedom of expression through ink and strive to help full time artists succeed in their craft.


I recommend Tattoo Rain to all my clients. I use it myself, and I feel it’s the best investment you can make to preserve your tattoos!

– Lucy, @lucyannetattoos

I'm a ginger. My sleeve is full color. Sunscreen, check

– Dallas, Happy Customer Palo Alto

If you want blacks to stay black, you have to try the Replenish Oil...

– Billy, Collector of Black & Grey

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